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“Doortect” Intumescent Fire Door Upgrades


Quick Overview

Legislation in respect of the compartmentalisation and spread of fire is becoming increasingly stringent in respect of new build and renovations. Dorwerx can provide either factory applied or site applied intumescent coating service for architectural timber and solid timber doors. The ‘Doortect’ intumescent coating will provide a 30 minute fire barrier to the timber or timber door in respect of fire. The coating can be applied to raised and fieled panel doors with a minimum thickness as low as 14mm.

A sample of our ‘Doortect’ solution has been tested by SABS (test report number FPE/85017/08F). The test sample was exposed to fire in accordance with SANS 10177: Part 2-2005 “Fire Resistance test for building elements’. The test resulted in a 63minute rating in respect of Stability, Integrity and Insulation. A copy of the test report can be supplied on demand. Materials are imported and are tested internationally to both EN 13823 and BS476: Part 6/7 1987.

We can provide either a white intumescent coating for enamel top coat, applied on site by others, or a clear intumescent coat for varnish top coat again applied by others. The intumescent material is hydroscopic (draws and retains moisture), so must have a protective top coat applied after application of the ‘doortect’ product