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Dorwerx supply only, or supply and install, a wide range of quality door ironmongery. We bring in our own brand of extremely cost-effective ironmongery for use on both fire and timber doors and frames. As well as stocking a wide range of Cisa and Geze products and can also supply their full line of products. All products offered are manufactured and installed to comply with the relevant international standards

1. Door Closures

Dorwerx offer a wide range of self-closers for fire doors, dependant on the weight and class of the specific door system. We will assist with correct specifications to ensure economic, compliant selection.

2. Panic Latches/Push Bars

Dorwerx will offer single and double door panic bars to suit most standard and bespoke door sizes. Panic latches can be supplied with or without external access. Measurements of the door system in question are essential for correct product specification.

3. Double Door Coordinators

Rebated doors cannot operate if leaves incorrectly overhang each other. Door coordinators will ensure that the correct door leaf closes first.

4. Other Ironmongery

Dorwerx can supply hinges, door ‘hold opens’, locks and handles and all manner of other ironmongery related to both timber and fire doors. Product specification is key to ensure the project is right first time.

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