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Single or Double Fire Doors


Quick Overview

Dorwerx will Supply and Install bespoke 60 (class A) or 120 (class B) Single or Double Fire doors and frames. Frames can be manufactured to suit differing wall thicknesses and fitting methods, from Partition wall to 230 brick. Frames can be ‘built in’ or ‘bolt in’, depending on application. All door leaves and frames will be supplied with metal door tag, to clearly identify fire rating and will comply with all local legislation.

Dorwerx offer a free survey service and will assist in specification, if required.

Classes of Fire Doors

Class E

Dorwerx can supply our Class E, 30 minute doors, with both timber or steel frames. The doors can be made with all differing veneers and finishes, including grooving to match that of the internal doors in the vicinity.

Class A

Dorwerx Class A, 60 minute doors can also be supplied with both timber and steel frames. These doors can also be supplied with a wide range of different veneers and grooves.

Class B

Dorwerx Class B, 120 minute, doors can only be supplied with steel frames. The range of finishes on these doors are almost limitless as well.

Class D

Dorwerx Class D, 120 minute with impact test, doors can also only be supplied with steel frames. These door are cladded on both the inside and outsidewith GMS cladding.